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   Crane, one of the most graceful birds in the air. Kurēn in the Japanese language where like in most Asian countries the crane holds a special reverence. It has long been a symbol of happiness and good fortune. It is recognized as a sign of long life because of its fabled life span of a thousand years.


   Crane in the Navajo language is pȟeháŋ. Many Native American tribes believe the crane to be a symbol of good luck. It was considered a very good sign if you saw a crane while fishing. The crane has a number of symbolic meaning other than luck. Cranes are considered omens of freedom, leadership, speaking skills, peace, and lighting.  There are many Native American tribes have a courtship ceremony known as the crane dance.

Quality Craftsmanship
   The crane is a wall hanging that measures 24 inches in height by 19 ½ inches wide; but can be custom ordered to the size you desire, contact us for pricing on larger sizes. This piece is cut from 12 gauge steel and painted with automotive grade primer & paints then finished with automotive grade clear coat. Paints are UV protected making this piece suitable for outdoor as well as indoor display.

Custom Design
   Unless requested by our Customer we do not use clip art or purchase designs. As with all our pieces, this is a unique in-house Copyrighted© design. This is an heirloom piece that will be around for generations.

For more details on custom orders and the procedures, BMMA uses in producing pieces check out the Frequently Asked Questions below or you can visit our website at

Crane In Flight

SKU: 100136
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