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   A Vietnam era veteran with six years in the military. Worked in the oil field for forty something years. Not the type to sit at home in front of the TV, I wanted a small business that the entire family could be involved in. Although my wife, Becky and Liz, my daughter, have always been unusually gifted artists, art was something I never considered. I have worked with metal in some form or fashion all my life and enjoyed working with metal. However, I was thinking more along the lines of a small fabrication shop not an art shop.

   The art came along sort of by accident while goofing around with a new piece of equipment. I discovered I had a knack for designing and cutting artistic pieces. Before I knew it I was getting request for custom pieces and before I realized it I was designing and cutting pretty much full time. Soon my wife and I were working at it full time with my daughter, Liz and son, Adam helping out as they could. We soon moved into a larger shop with a studio and gift shop.

   Now we get up every morning wondering what interesting project we will be presented with today. Having been on the road most of my life, I am loving every minute of it. I now spend each day working with my family doing something we all enjoy.

   There is nothing I like better than to get that phone call from a new Customer that has a design in their head. Our goal is to turn that Customer into a friend.


  Hi! I'm Becky, Mom of Liz and Adam, and my fur baby, Charlie. Kenny and I have been married for 41 years. Kenny's work took him all over the country, so we always packed up kids and the fur baby and went with him. We have seen so much of this beautiful country, but it is so wonderful having a business we can do together. Now kids are grown and Kenny retired so…we wanted something we could do together and would be fun! So starting Blue Mesa Metal Arts, was perfect. I have always loved art. It all started with my coloring book days. Then years of Art Class in school. Drawing, painting, etc. And now everything we see we wonder "What would that look like cut out of metal?" I guess you could call me our quality control person. Nothing leaves the shop until I give my stamp of approval.


   Hey, I'm Adam, brother of Liz and Charlie, son of Kenny and Becky, co-owner of Blue Mesa Metal Arts. Born deep in the heart of Texas, I've grown up with a free spirit and a mind for business. We've lived and traveled all over the United States. While the rest of my family handle the creative side I handle the tech nology from maintaining the website to keeping up with the Facebook. Even though I focus on the technology I will jump in and help with the design process or whatever else needs done.


   Liz is our daughter and co-owner of BMMA plus she is the in house artist. Liz's artistic talents became apparent earlier in life. From the time she could hold a crayon she has been drawing and painting on anything available. Until recently her subject of choice had been horses. She has been awarded numerous awards and has won first place in numerous shows.

   Since opening Blue Mesa Metal Arts, Liz is now loving the wide variety of subjects she is asked to paint. One day she may be asked to paint a fish, while the next day she may be required to paint a 20's Flapper.  She claims this keeps her from getting bored and keeps her creative juices flowing.

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