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In the Navajo culture the Yei, a shortened version of YeiBiChi, is a Spirit that is the connection between the Navajo people and the Great Spirit. The Yei is thought to control the weather, rain, snow, wind, and sun, it is believed the Yei also controls night and day. Yei's can be found depicted in on any number of items including petroglyphs, rugs, pottery, and in sand paintings. These pieces are depictions of the mask worn by dancers impersonating the Yei deities during certain ceremonies.

These pieces are heirloom quality. Inspired but the Native American culture, but was not crafted by a Native American.

Quality Craftsmanship
This Yei is a wall hanging piece that measures 13 inches in width and 8 inches in height and it is cut from 12 gauge steel then painted with automotive grade primer & acrylic paints then finished with an automotive grade clear coat. Paints are UV protected suitable for outdoor as well as indoor display. It has a metal loop attached to the back for easy hanging.

Each piece is hand painted and handcrafted so the design and colors may vary. Please contact us for custom colors and size.

Custom Design
Unless requested by the Customer BMMA does not use clip art or purchased designs. As with most of our pieces, this is an original Copyrighted© BMMA in-house design. This is an heirloom quality piece that will be handed down for generations to come.

For more details on the procedures, BMMA uses in producing pieces check out the Frequently Asked Questions below or you can visit our website at


SKU: 100115
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