Maštíŋčala in the Lakota language, vóhkóóhe in the Cheyenne language.
    In the Southwestern Native American tribes, the Rabbit is a trickster animal much like the coyote. There are many Rabbit Gods and Spirits as well as many legends and myths of the rabbit. In the Mexican and Central American tribes, rabbits are symbols of fertility, while in Aztec mythology rabbits were associated with drunkenness and promiscuity.
      Hopi and Shawnee tribes use the rabbit as clan animals. The Kiowa tribe had a ceremonial Rabbit Society whose members were all children and young teens. The Rabbit Dance remains an important social dance for tribes of the Northwest and the Northern Plains.   Each piece is hand painted and will have it's own design and color scheme.

Quality Craftsmanship
   Measuring 11 inches in height by 11 inches in width this piece is cut from 12 gauge steel and painted with acrylic paint. It is the sealed with two coats of an automotive grade clear coat.  Paint is UV protected. Comes with a loop on the back to facilitate hanging. Custom painted so no two will look the same.

   Although inspired by Native American Culture, this piece was not crafted by Native American.

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Rabbit in a Native American Style

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