A Hopi word vaguely meaning rough or roughly wooden-backed. Most of today's depictions of Kokopellis are derived from ancient Anasazi rock drawings.

  The Kokopelli has become the true embodiment of the American Southwest. Although the true origins or meanings of the Kokopelli is not known, Petroglyphs depicting Kokopellis have been found throughout the Southwest dating back 3000 years. There are many myths of the Kokopelli. They are usually depicted as hunchbacked, dancing, flute playing characters. They are known as fertility gods, pranksters, healers, and storytellers.

   Legend has it that the flute playing announces the changing of winter into spring. It is believed that the Kokopelli's flute playing can often be heard in the Spring breeze.

Quality Craftsmanship
   The piece measures 11 inches tall by 9 inches wide. Cut from 12 gauge steel. We use a thicker steel, approximately 1/8 inch, than our competitors. We feel this provides a more substantial piece with more eye appeal. These pieces are hand painted with acrylic paint then finished with an automotive grade clear coat. Metal loop attached to the back for hanging. Each piece has a different color scheme. We will Email a picture for your approval before shipping.

Custom Design
      We do not carry a large inventory. We cater to you our Customer, for this reason, we usually cut orders as we receive them. In this way, if you require the piece to be modified (color, special hangers, etc)  then we can accommodate your needs, usually without extra charges.  As a rule, the only extra charge we will make will be for larger sizes…This requires us to put a  fifteen day shipping time on the piece. Most of the time we ship sooner rather than later.

         Unless requested by a Customer we do not use clip art or purchased designs. Like our other designs, this is an in-house Copyrighted© design. This is an heirloom quality piece that will be appreciated for generations to come.

Note: This is not a toy. Although we make every effort to make each piece as safe as possible, due to the design there will most likely be sharp edges and sharp points.

Kokopelli - Hanging

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