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Majestic Buffalo bull, also called Bison and called hotoa’e in the Cheyenne language. The buffalo is the iconic symbol of the American Southwest. Revered by the Native Americans, the buffalo has a special position of honor and is highly respected. The buffalo was a staple food of the Plains Indians. Plains Indian myths say the buffalo willingly sacrificed themselves to feed the Indians. In other myths, the buffalo is credited with bringing sacred knowledge about medicine to the Indians. They are also credited with introducing peace pipes to the Indians.

The buffalo is mounted on a polished steel plate which is in turn mounted on a polished piece of oak. This is a unique heirloom quality accent piece that complements any Southwest Decor.

Quality Craftsmanship
This piece measures approximately 21 inches long by 11 1/2 inches in height, including base. It is cut from 12 gauge steel then painted with automotive grade primer & paints then finished with an automotive grade clear coat. Paints are UV protected.

Custom Design
Unless requested by a Customer, we do not use clip art or purchased designs. As with most of our pieces, this is an original in-house Copyrighted© BMMA design.

For more details on the procedures, BMMA uses in producing pieces check out our Frequently Asked Questions below or you can visit for more information.

Buffalo - On Stand

SKU: 10012
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